Help please?


I use two apps to track my period. Well, it has been irregular since I had delivered my son 3/8/18. I can’t remember when I had my first period after delivery, but recently, I had a period in February and then in April. According to one app, I ovulated May 10th and my expected period is the 24th. The other app says I ovulated the 16th and expected period is the 30th. I’m ttc #2 and have no idea when to test. I don’t even know if its even possible to have symptoms this early. Like nausea, cramps, fatigue, etc.. I know its my second pregnancy, I should know, right? Well I didn’t know I was pregnant with my son until I was 5.5 months along. So, please no rude comments...I’m just looking for help/advice/opinions/answers, etc..