It’s the thought...


Two years ago today my boyfriend asked me out and it was one of the most magical moments for me to this day. He’s been working a ton lately and today I knew he was gonna have work all morning & have only a brief break to take me to lunch (which we usually do), then take a ride to the beach until he had to work again until about 10:00 tonight. He called me while I was laying in bed to come open the door and was standing there with a box of chocolates out of breath saying “Every store was closed, I couldn’t get flowers or balloons or anything, so I got you these, happy anniversary”.

At that moment it became so apparent that it doesn’t matter how much someone spends on you, I’m just so thankful he cared so much this late to try to do something for me. It truly is the thought that counts. Now I’m gonna hormonally cry while I eat my chocolates!