International travel early pregnancy


Thoughts on this? I’m Jewish and applied a few months ago to go to Israel on birth right. If you don’t know what this is- it basically is a funded program where if you’re accepted you can go on a 10 day trip to Israel free of charge. Long story short- I got accepted for a trip which I’m leaving for on May 27. Now I’m nervous though because I’ll be 6 weeks and I read that’s typically when morning sickness starts.

I’ll be with a group for the trip but not with my husband (he’s not Jewish) so he’ll be home in NJ. It’s a packed 10 days and there’s lots of hiking and long hours. My fertility nurse told me she can advise me better after my first ultrasound (5/27) whether it’s a good idea.

It’s a trip of a lifetime and if I turn it down I won’t get another opportunity to go like this again. But on the other hand I feel crazy for even considering traveling abroad so early on not knowing how I’ll be feeling plus the risk of getting sick oversees.

I did have to buy international health insurance and a phone plan so I will have both of those things.

What do you guys think? Would you go?