yesterday, my boyfriend proposed! it was totally a surprise AND I DID NOT SEE IT COMING. he planned the whole day with my best friend and her boyfriend as well, we spent the day in Seattle and did so many touristy things, I HAD NO IDEA. he is the sweetest man, so him acting extra sweet to me was nothing out of the ordinary, he is ALWAYS like that. we went to Pike Place, the waterfront, went on the ferris wheel, SO MANY THINGS. we stood by the fountain after we rode the ferris wheel by the waterfront and my best friend goes “wait i want to recreate this photo i saw on pinterest.” she had me stand and pose, and he stood behind me. i turned around and there HE WAS ON ONE KNEE. when i tell you i cried LIKE A BABY, I CRIED SO HARD. my fiancé (what, i get to call him that?!) is in the army and we’ve been on the subject of marriage for many months. it was a total surprise, and a complete shock. but i get to marry my best friend and i couldn’t be happier to be his WIFE! 💍💛