Someone asked my husband to leave me?!!!

So I had a falling out with my husbands best friends fiancé. We were supposed to go to their wedding Next year. They were not inclusive of me and my 8 month old daughter with concerns to the wedding. They wanted us to travel out of state then have my husband stay at a different hotel from us with the wedding party. I said not comfortable with that. He can just go by himself. I was irritated. My husband didn’t like that and said I want my family to come.

Eventually they changed it and said he can stay with us and then I got their official invite and it said adult only wedding reception. I can’t find a sitter at a destination wedding. I was so sick of them excluding us I RSVP’d zero. They called screaming a big fight ensued with all 4 of us on the phone. ( oh and baby was welcome at reception, but they just reamed me even after I said I misunderstood their intentions and thought they were being passive aggressive). Husband backed me up and well both of them said they didn’t like me but they don’t need to be friends to be friends with my husband. That pissed my husband off and well we haven’t talked to them since. I blocked the fiancé and best friend on social media and phone as I think from now on it’s between my husband and HIS best friend not me.

Well the fiancé texted my husband horrible things saying I manipulate everyone, I keep him from his family and that he should run while he can and he messed up marrying me. She also said he should leave me and that they will support him. He is not friends with this woman he is friends with her future husband. Why is She texting this?

I have a strained relationship with his parents but I do try to compromise and make it work and he is social and still in contact with everyone....I know what she is saying is not true we are happy but I still can’t believe someone said that. Husband stands me 100% so I guess posting is silly but I keep thinking about these texts and I just can’t believe someone would say that :(

I feel like everyone in his life disapproves of me and think I’m bad for him while my family loves him to death and very eagerly accepts him. We don’t fight much, been married 3 years and have a beautiful 8 month daughter together and we are a very active healthy family. I don’t want to be a joke to the people in life though. Like something temporary! I’m his wife!! I think it’s so disrespectful and crazy this woman had the audacity to think she knew anything about me or our marriage or even him! Maybe his best friend but not her! Treating me Like I’m a girlfriend. I’m not gonna lie his parents kinda treat me the same way. We have cultural and religious issues that put a strain but they at least talk to me now since I’ve had the baby. Anyone else have issues of people being accepted by their spouses family or friends?

We’ve been together almost a total of 5 years(dating and marriage) shouldn’t they be accepting this fact by now? I understand I can’t force people to like me (I’m assertive and blunt I get that doesn’t toot everyone’s horn, but I’m real and loyal ) but The really important ones tell him constantly how wrong he is doing....but I think we are great and so does he :( I want him to have supportive close people in his life other than me but his clan don’t like what he chose. Thoughts?