Whens too soon to ask ‘what are we?’

Background: i have been hanging out and hooking up with a boy ive known for many years (hooking up for about 3 months now). I sleep there multiple nights a week and we hangout in social environments with mutual friends/ events/ go out/etc. When together he acts almost as a boyfriend but lacks communication a lottt. I dont get daily texts (idk if im crazy lol), and usually hit up at night time only.

Ive asked him if he hooks up w multiple people and mentioned if so i do not want to be hooking up anymore, he hesitated for a while ending with “no” but who knows if thats true.. when is it a good time to ask what this is between us? Is it just a hookup/ does he like me/ both? What does it sound like to you and when and how should i approach the situation. Thanks!