Lo still wearing newborn


My son is 9 weeks 1 day weighs 10lb 1 it’s been a long slow battle to get him to that weight he was born 7lb 9 but from 2 weeks I new summit wasn’t right with him doctors wouldn’t listern by 5 weeks rushed him to hospital cuz his breathing went funny to finally get some one to listen to me he had a allergy to cows milk so they changed his milk week later back in hospital to find out that it was cow protein aswell so now on another milk he been on 5 milks since being born. He struggles to drink more than 2oz a time like really struggles so he still fed every 2 hours day and night. I don’t care what ppl say he is going to get a little rusk morning and night soon as he hits 3 month old and hopefully that will help fill his little belly. He still fits in newborn clothes so atleast he will get his wear out of them I suppose