Rainbow baby ?


Hello everyone !!! I have a big concern about me being pregnant . I found out I was pregnant in November I shortly miscarried at 7 weeks . I had my d&c November 22. My ob told me and my boyfriend to try again in 6 months .. this month makes exactly 6 months on his birthday !! His birthday is May 22nd . According to my chart I ovulated on May 4th . We only had sex one time in my fertile window and that was May 3rd.. I took a HPT 6 days before my period . It was a dollar store test and it was negative . Today makes another week I didn’t take another test and I’m also 2 days late .. every time I think I’m bout to get my period it’s just white stuff !! I don’t have a std or yeast infection .. I always get cramps before my period I have nun at all. I been having mild cramps on my right side and back .. my gums r swollen this never happen before my gums were always in perfect condition... I’m always tired .. I’m always hungry ... I’m always waking up in the middle of the night sweating so bad and I’m anemic... I’m thinking bout taking another test in his birthday since it’s 6months exact but I’m scared I will be disappointed.. wht

do u guys think ?