Please help! MIL sitiation and pregnant 38w

my mother-in-law doesn't respect me. she lives in another country in the EU and we in another country in the EU. my husband wants her to move home to us because she is alone. Every time she has come to us, she has behaved strangely. she tries to make me sad and mess with me all the time. I am pregnant and my colleagues had fixed babyshows for me and it was a surprise. we ate dinner and when i get home then she starts messing with me because i came home late (i was away only 4 hours). Another day we talked about my husband's weight and she thought he had lost weight, though he didn't do that and we tried to explain to her but she got angry with me and said that I don't have to talk when she talks to her son . She wants to take control everywhere, she wants to come with us everywhere. I am pregnant and will give birth to my baby in the next few weeks and think the situation is unpleasant. What should I do? feel stressed and do not even want to talk to her. when she came home to us she already started talking how to do with the child, how should we bathe the baby, how should we feed the baby and how should we dress the baby, not in a normal way but very old traditions that its not good for the baby,like eggbath etc, it bother me angry.she is only 59 years old and i can't handle this situation. My husband has a hard time telling her she can go back. I love my partner and it was the biggest dream to become a family and have our own baby, but can also not manage her.

what to do? im going crazy