Not a troll I have a real question

I’ve been on syeda birth control which is a combination pill. I’ve been on it about two months now this month. I’ve taken a pill every day around 10:30 pm. Sometimes it’s 9 or 11 pm tho. Is that still considered on time? Cause with just one hormone bc Not the combination pills it’s important to take it at the same time but I’m not on that one. I fooled around with a guy couple nights ago. However we didn’t actually have sex or he didn’t penetrate I should say. I had underwear on but he didn’t. He said he didn’t cum but what I’m asking is maybe the precum might’ve touched me down there. So I’m asking PEOPLE’s opinion. I’ve a very paranoid person and grew up with family that just teaches abstinence not sex Ed. So I always have the fear of pregnancy no matter what I do and no matter if I know it can’t happen. I just would like some reassurance from y’all. There’s no risk of pregnancy right? Please be nice I’m genuinely asking