I’m 17 and I work 3rd shift as a waitress on the weekends.

Well I work at a Waffle House and we get many drunks late at nights

I had to wait on this guy ( around 45) that comes in on a regular basis. He’s always been an obnoxious asshole. Well, Friday night he was being worse than usual.

1. He was being creepy as hell. He tried taking a photo of me and I caught him and told him no. He said he wanted to make someone jealous.

2. He kept saying I was cute and that he needs to stop flirting with me.

3. He said he thought I was 18-20. But when I told him that I just turned 17 he said that it was a shame.

But what got me the worse was the fact that I made a look and acted like I wasn’t pleased. And he sad that if I smiled more than I would make a bigger tip.

I hate confrontation and I don’t like making a big scene so I didn’t say anything. I said in my head that he was going to leave and I wouldn’t have to deal with him. I told my manager afterwards.