Daycare dropoff


This is long, so bear with me.

So we are expecting twins in July and our son just turned 3. He will start preschool (like a pre-preschool) in September. Starting a couple months ago we enrolled him into a twice a week daycare for some socialization and to get him acclimated to the "going to school" schedule twice a week.

My sweet boy just melts down every time we drop him off. At first we thought, this is new and he just needs to adjust. He even had a couple weeks where drop off was easy and tearless. The last few weeks he is back at it. Screaming and tossing around and yelling "no mama don't go!" It's horrible! I try to be gentle with him, so this is our routine.

The night before around bed time I start by telling him it's almost bed time and he needs to rest up for school. When he wakes up I say something along the lines of, "buddy! You get to go to school today!" The whole way there I talk about all the fun things he will do at school. It usually takes him a while to walk into his classroom and I sit with him, tell him I understand he doesn't want to go and that he will miss me but it's time for school and when it's over I will come and get him and usually pull a toy out or a puzzle and play with him for a bit. Sometimes he gets up and starts playing on his own and I kiss him on the head and sneak out. Sometimes I run out of time and I have to leave him there screaming for me.

The daycare ladies say he calms down soon after I leave and he always has a good day. He's ways laughing and playing when I pick him up but these drop offs are killing me. Is there something else I could try? Some moms just peel their kids off them right away, say you'll be fine, and take off but that just seems so cold.