I give up on my vagina if this doesn’t fix it

ever since going back on the pill last year (and also getting a new partner) I have had more problems with my vagina.

a 3 month bout of BV that kept coming back

yeast infections throughout the year

overall vaginal discomfort

the BV went away when I switched to a different pill. the overall discomfort has not. I changed to unscented laundry detergent, body wash, etc.

more recently I woke up and my vagina was BURNING. went to GYN, yeast/BV/trich test negative.

was tested last year for gonorrhea and chlamydia (twice!) and both negative

I was supposed to start a new pill pack last night but my fiancé and I both decided that it’s time for me to try and see how I feel without it. I’m assuming it’s an awful side effect and I’m tired of it.

here’s to hoping it works!

side note: was worried it was a reaction to my partner but we haven’t had sex in over 1 week, and the inflammation occurred way after we last had sex.

sorry for the long post but I know someone out there can relate!!