Amazing News!


I’ve been having monthly detailed US with weekly NST/US to check fluids. I’m getting this because my little girl was super small and apparently being impacted by my high stress levels.

I got the results back from my detailed US last week and wanted to share!

I still don’t know how to read most of it but it looked like she’s measuring 32-33 weeks (as of last week). I’m 34 Weeks and 5 days now.

What I could understand was that she’s now weighing a little over 4lbs! That’s twice the size in a month! She’s also been very active and has made improvements at every NST. Last week’s NST wasn’t the best, but it was probably because I was stressed that day.

Also, at my last US the tech was in shock at how high up she was! I had to move my bra out of the way because my baby was so far up! She’s taking advantage of any sort of room she has in there because I can feel her high up and really low!

Going in for my next NST later today and get to talk about possible contractions I’ve had and difficulty breathing. Hopefully she’s still making the progress she needs to!