Toddler BMI in 90th percentile 😢

Our pediatrician told us that we need to watch my daughter’s weight. She just turned 2 and she doesn’t seem that chunky to me, but since the pediatrician mentioned it, I’m noticing that she’s a lot shorter than most of her peers and is a little chubbier. I’m so upset that I never noticed and now we have to try and do something about it. She’s in daycare and she gets a lot of exercise there. I’m going to try to take her on walks in the evenings too. She’s a VERY picky eater and has several allergies. She only eats things like cereal and yogurt and I try to make each as healthy as possible. She doesn’t touch fruit or veggies. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Has anyone been through this? I’m bigger and I’m so worried she will turn out like me and I missed my chance to help her enjoy healthier foods. 😭