I’m so frustrated I am always caring for my baby while her father does little to nothing

I am at my wits end with my daughters dad we live together and he barely helps with our daughter. He works and I’m a stay at home mom but I literally get no me time my boyfriend get off work at 3pm everyday he goes into another room and closes the door and does whatever he wants to do while I am literally doing everything I can’t tell u the last time I had a meal that wasn’t cold by the time I got to it or a shower that lasted more than 5 minutes... but he can do anything on demand. He locks himself in our sunroom and just smokes weed everyday when he gets off and plays his video games...Then God forbid I show I’m frustrated to ask him to help me with her or hold her he looks at me like he hates me and the whole time he’s holding her u can tell by his facial expression and tone and actions that’s he really doesn’t want to. Then to top it off when I finally put baby girl down for a nap he’s expecting me to have sex with him and if I don’t he has a fit... I literally feel like a robot I don’t feel like me anymore and I love my baby girl sooo much and it breaks my heart bc she loves her dad and gets sooo excited when she sees him and he literally doesn’t ever want to hold her. She’s 4 months btw. What do u ladies suggest I do bc I’m beyond frustrated. Believe it or not while I was in labor he left me all alone to go watch football and smoke and I was left to labor in pain all alone. He is selfish but let him tell it I’m the selfish one smh 🤦🏽‍♀️