Okay guys to bare with me. I ovulated the 1st of the month. Me and my fiancé had sex the 29th of April last during my fertile time. My period was suppose to start the 13th but didn’t come then on the 15th I started bleeding, it only lasted 2 days and never got heavy like my normal periods. I had cramps but they were more annoying then painful and I had a bit of clots but they were very tiny and very few of them. The blood was a little darker then pink but never got like period blood dark. I’m trying to figure out it it was implantation or not and when I should take a test to see? My periods have never come late and have always lasted for 5 days. I’m still having some pains in my stomach but they feel more like stretching pains. And my Areolas have gotten darker as well. I’m so confused!