Soo I'm gonna be real I've been on this app for just a few months (Since December) and I've never posted on here before but I just wanted to see who could give me some opinions on some things and what I should do . So the 24th of next month will be 1 year since I had my daughter premature at 20 weeks to the day...she was perfectly healthy in all my tests the ultrasound but the reason she didn't make it was because I have a condition called a "incompetent cervix" which means my cervix wasnt strong enough to carry her full term.. They say I can still conceive and have a healthy pregnancy , just has to be planned or when I first find out I need to go have a procedure done where they sew my cervix shut till labor . The day after I had her (The day I left hospital) they proceeded to offer me birth control and I wanted to say no because I've heard sooo many bad things about it.. but she kept pushing it because I am young but I wasnt completely well educated on it so I tried asking questions and she didnt really have any answers on the side effects just how long each one lasted , so I decided to go with the Depo shot (WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE). It made me moody. Depressed. Tired. Drained. Just all around a not so nice person to be around and on top of these side effects I was already so stressed and had hatred for what had just happened to me and my daughter .. Mind you I only have had the shot ONE time and the shot is supposed to last for 3 months , is what I have read up on and heard . Which means it should have been out my system by at least November or December. Right? But now I hear that it could take up to 18 months to be fully flushed out of my system..

Also on a side note (Another thing I need an opinion on) I've always had irregular periods , And I even had periods on the 1 depo shot.. But now its 11 months past and I feel like I may be ovulating, but I'm never really sure .. I've been trying to find ways to get the shot out of my system completely if it's not already and I've been trying to conceive, I've been trying ever since 3 months past her passing away, and with me wanting it so bad I feel like I'm just failing . (Here are some pictures of my irregular cycles) does anyone else have this issue too?. Sometimes I get pretty much 3 periods in a month or even go a month or 2 without one . I'm just worried from everything I heard about the depo I wont be able to conceive again :(. ?