Am I out? (just posted this but accidentally deleted)

Hi ladies! so yesterday (9dpo) i had a temp dip and today (10 dpo) it had risen up 0.2 degrees. I use the ava bracelet. idk if my temp at 10dpo would be accurate. My SO and i had to unexpectedly get up at 12:50 and pick his younger brother up from a gas station because he was getting sick and could not drive home. we got back home around 2:00am (it was a 30 min drive there and back). i was wearing my Ava the whole time. then i took a clonidine to help me get back to sleep. could all of this have affected my temp to where it should have shot up higher than just 0.2 degrees? i took a test this morning and got a BFN. sorry for the long post, i’m just super confused! also last night was the first night my SO has been home in 4 days. he was on a business trip. could that affect my temp too? Am i in or out?

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