Grievance over temps at work?


Just wondering what you all think- I’m a teacher in a correctional institution. Our entire institution is cooled by giant chillers. My workplace knew that the chillers were broken way back in March and that they’d have to rent some in order to provide AC. Fast forward to today, where it’s 90* and humid, and STILL we have no air conditioning. It was in the high 90’s inside my building, and since it’s a prison there are no windows to open. We’re also limited on bringing in 2 17oz. bottles of water per day. My building is almost a 1-mile walk from the parking lot where I could keep extra waters in my car. I feel so tired and sick now that I’m home after being in that for 7.5 hours. We received an email around 1:30pm telling us that if we felt it was too hot, we would have to use our own time to leave early and then file a grievance about it after wards. My workday is done at 2:45 so that made no sense to me. Do you think it’s worth filing a grievance against the work conditions? There is still no date given as to when we will have air conditioning.