Is my family homophobic?

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Okay, so I’ve known myself as a lesbian for about two years, and before I came out, my sisters have always been so supportive of the LGBT community and LGBT people in our family. I assumed they would treat me the same way, and at first, they did. They supported me and talked to me, but now... it seems like they don’t really believe that I’m gay?

I’ll mention something about being a lesbian and they give me a condescending look or say something similar to “You can’t know if you’re gay when you’re so young!”

This has led into many “discussions”? About my sexuality and how I should be able to explore myself and my preferences but they just shut me down or refuse to listen to what I’m saying. They’ll tell me they’ll love me for whatever I am, but they refuse to let me figure out what I am! They’re always loving and kind to me no matter what, but it’s been getting on my nerves recently and I’m not sure what to do with the situation. It doesn’t help that I’m also a Christian so I’m constantly doubting my sexuality based and I’m always wondering if maybe this really is just a phase like my sisters say? I’m honestly just confused so if you could leave a nice comment or some advice, that would be so appreciated!