First doctors appointment

Rosa • Momma of 2 princess 6 miscarriages in my life waiting on my rainbow 👼🏼👸🏻👼🏼👸🏻👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼

Went to my first appointment today after 3 miscarriages... the baby measured 5 weeks and 4 days they couldn’t find a heartbeat yet... I thought I was 6 weeks 2 days along... I’m a little nervous because doctor said she couldn’t tell yet if the pregnancy was going to take... I go back on Wednesday for more blood drawn and Thursday for another ultrasound... have to make appointment with high risk doctor now because they said I’m lupus anticoagulant positive.... so I’m freaking out got told to start taking baby aspirin... just please say some prayers for me and my baby... thank you 🙏🏼