I’m 16, do I have a loose vagina?

I had sex with someone and I was on top, it slipped out and I literally didn’t know... I mean, he seemed to have issues surrounding his erections (he wasn’t fully hard) so I’m not sure if that has an effect on whether or not I can feel him. My vagina has always felt a bit numb, if that makes sense? But I can reach orgasm easily and it’s powerful. I can orgasm with small objects too (2 inches long & 1 inch width).

It depends what position I’m in, if I’m on top apparently I’m looser but if he’s on top then I’m tight? Does that seem to make sense to you guys?

I can only grip objects which I masturbate with when I’m lying on my back and when I’m sitting up right I can’t. I’ve been told I’m tight by my ex boyfriend and another guy, but I honestly felt like they were trying to be nice.

I can not locate my pelvic floor muscles either, so it’s not like I can do anything about it. I can stop my urine midstream but I can’t find the muscles otherwise. I only leak a bit of urine if I’m doing a lot of running.

I know it’s TMI... but it’s concerning me

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