Out of the norm

So my boyfriend and I are constantly on the road. ( he drives semi trucks for a living and I ride along) well we stopped at a truck stop to stay for the night since we aren’t too far from where he has to deliver. Before he backed all the way into the spot, he asked me to tell him how close he can get to the line without bumping the other truck. After I helped him get to the desired spot, he walks to the back to make sure everything is good.

Then things started getting a bit hot....he pulled me between the two trailers and pushed me back against the trailer doors( I hit my head which was an ouch) so he rubbed it and grabbed me closer to him. We made out, and basically rubbing against each other. I wanted him badly right then and there. I was hesitant because it was sprinkling and we were outside in between two semi trailers. We made sure we were well hidden and that no one could see us. He bent me over, slid my thong to the side and just started pounding me from behind. It felt so good that I didn’t want him to stop. He came in me like a lot and my 🐱 already gets very wet when I’m horny. I was dripping all the way to the restroom. Literally had a big obvious wet spot on my pants. My thong was soaked so we took a shower to get ourselves cleaned up. Tonight was pretty fun cause we did something out of our normal routine. We did something very risky and I’ll be honest that I got turned on about doing risky things like public sex. Please don’t judge this is the first time we did something like that.