Steroids and pregnancy?

Hello all, so I know I only post on here when I'm looking for help..

Well, my boyfriend and I were having sex the other day, he finished when we were doing doggy style, he pulled out and jacked off onto my butt. I wipe it off and immediately go pee, before I pee I noticed 2 small lumps leak out of me into the toilet, like cum lumps.. I got scared and touched my vagina and smelled it and it smells like his cum.. he smelled it and says it smelled like mine. That day he told me he didnt cum in me because he had to Jack off for a couple seconds before cumming on me.

Couple days later he tells me hes not sure cuz it was weird, he may have came a little and stopped then jacked off to cum more?? Is it possible for a guy to stop cumming like mid stream? Idk.. also he is on steroids (like for muscles) so he says it's a very slim chance he could get me pregnant because he has no natural testosterone and he would have to take hcg or some kind of pill to wean himself off of the steroids and it doesnt kick in for like 72 hours, plus <a href="">eve</a> app said I just stopped ovulating and it said a 3% risk of pregnancy.

I havent taken a test yet and I know that's what yall are going to say, I just get too much anxiety over it all and scare myself really badly before I take it.

I guess my question is, is how likely is it to get pregnant when you are not ovulating? Even without the whole steroid thing.

Thanks in advance gals, I appreciate you guys always calming down my anxiety.