What do u guys think


My husband and I been trying to have a baby since we lost our baby last June. Well this last two months I felt little off I haven't thought I was pregnant thought I was getting a cold or something. Last month I only had my period 3 days in April I was 1 day late. I barely blead now this month I'm 5 days late as of today I took these two pregancy test what do u guys think? Now my period is on time every month and I'm exactly 5 days. My husband believes I am. I don't want get excited to be let down. Calling dr at 830 for blodd test let u guys know if it's defiently a bfp or bfn. We want see what ur guys opinions are. Baby dust to all u mommas out there trying to get pregnant. This is our month! We will get pregnant! Praying for everyone that they get their bfp! Oh if ur on my personal page don't say nothing we arent saying anything till we know for sure!