Bipolar partner

Hey ladies!

I’m making this post to ask other women about their experiences with bipolar partners. My SO is bipolar (also has complex PTSD) and it can definitely have its challenges. I’m not trying to make this about me at all and I know he has to fight his own battles with it every day, it just genuinely does affect how our relationship operates and leaves me so confused sometimes. All I can do is empathize, but it’s really hard when he’s in a bad swing and isn’t very kind or patient or present. He hasn’t gone to therapy (well, scratch that- he tried ONE therapist and was very discouraged when they told him he would need to speak with someone more experienced and attuned to his needs) and he doesn’t think he needs it, but I think it would help him.

Anyways, I’m just hoping to find solidarity with some other women who experience this. What are your challenges? What has helped you to deal with it and what helps you help your SO? If you’re bipolar yourself, what has your experience been and what do you want from your partner?

Should go without saying but I love him deeply, it can just be so hard to understand and know how to help.