Did not know you where pregnant??

Those of you who did not find out you where pregnant until atleast 3+ months. Did you have a "normal" cycle appearance?

Did you have a "period" and normal "cycle " or where you on BC so that you did not notice.

What made you test?

Did you think you where pregnant but just couldn't get a positive test?

I am asking because i am not sure if i am. I don't trust the test because it runs strong, in my family that pregnancy test don't work till almost 3 months. (2+ generations of that)

Edit... thank you for responding. I will test again later. I am not on any kind of BC. I just had a super weird "period " very little blood and have been cramping, gassy, and slightly nauseaand DON'T touch my stomach for a week now since that "period" so i am not sure what is going on.