Leaving Baby at 3 or 4 months? ( read below)

So first of I want to say me and my fiancé are very ready to have children and this choice is just a matter of when

Me and my fiancé decided to have a destination wedding in the Caribbean just the two of us that will also go into our honeymoon 6 nights

This will be taking place June 2020 it’s been booked and everything

Now that you know those details

We are not using a reliable protection (spermicide) we know that there always a chance but we really don’t mind as we want children and will be trying soon if not this June

I was worried that if I got pregnant later then June and July

Right around October- February I would be very close to the end of a pregnancy and wedding/honeymoon

which is scary as our family’s are paying for this trip and I don’t believe insurance was placed

I’m worried if we don’t try june or July we might suffer the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and birth during our booked wedding and honeymoon

So my question is

If I got Pregnant in June and July would deem it safe to leave a child at 3 to 4 months in trusted hands?

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