Weight loss

Hi guys, so my mum tells me that shes been watching my weight and thinks I’ve lost a ton of weight lately. I never saw it at first but now I actually see it and feel that I’ve lost so much weight😪 my jeans dont feel the same. I’ve just been feeling so alone and stressed because im currently in the middle of a pregnancy scare, which is causing me to not eat as much as i use to because im worried, I’m only 15 years old.

I have weird symptoms like backaches, bloating and some tummy pains. whenever its dinner time i just don’t feel like eating and I don’t feel like eating in the mornings because I’m worried and bloated

I went to a sexual health clinic today where they performed a blood test on me, a pregnancy test and a pelvic exam. I am currently 7dpo or possibly (9pdo im not sure) and i my period is due in 6 days, but the pregnancy test came back negative. I am of course going back to the clinic on Tuesday next week to get another pregnancy test just to be clear, because i hate the way im living rn ive been stressing and losing weight because of the stress, i just hope im not pregnant! On Tuesday the 21st may ( 8 days ago) i took a emergency contraceptive pill (ellaone) because i had sex during my fertile window, it was 3 days till my window ended so i got a emergency contraceptive pill prescription from my doctor. I hate feeling this way, i just wish my period comes now i don’t wanna wait 6 days because what if it doesn’t come? I just want to feel and look normal again, i was already abit skinny before and now that I’ve lost lots of weight i look unhealthy😭 I really need help I’m suffering. My mum has absolutely no idea about the clinic today, she has her suspicions about me but I cannot tell her yet until im 100% sure.