Will I still ovulate

I had unprotected sex with my bf on Monday under the impression I’ve already ovulated a week prior. (Trying to use FAM I know newbies shouldn’t jump right in until a few months of charting🤦🏽‍♀️) Only to find out I’m fertile now and at my peak today. I found out due to slippery clear stretchy cm I had yesterday (Tuesday) I took a opk it was negative but darker than it was Monday (also negative) after seeing the fertile cm I brought a plan b and took it almost exactly 24 hours after having unprotected sex. Today my cervix is high wet soft but closed as it was yesterday. My opk this morning was two dark lines and glow said I am at my peak. I just want to know will I still ovulate? did I take the plan b too close to ovulation? I know depending on when you take a plan b it is less effective than other times in your cycle. Does my ovulation Test coming out positive this morning mean that the plan b from last night didn’t work?

I don’t need any mean comments just helpful advice and insight if you’re familiar with plan b and how it works when nearing ovulation time.

Thank you 🤗

My chart may be incorrect I have chronic insomnia so my sleep is often disturbed and I’m sure it may be affecting my charts but I still do it to form a habit.

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