Ladies I need help!


AF was due on 5/24. I have a 24 day cycle and my period is always on point with glow, ALWAYS! Af came on 5/26 (are what I think is Af), and it was just spotting all day and when I wiped. On 5/27 there was nothing on my pad but only when wiped. On 5/28, there was a small amount on pad but enough for a pantyliner and nothing in my urine at all. This morning on 05/29 there was blood I my FMU but again clear urine for the day so far and nothing on pad. Has this happened to anyone before?! I’m so confused as to why this is happening it has never happened to me before! Should I just take this as an off AF or try to test again in a few days?

Any advise will be helpful!