Story time for today!!

So basically we went to have a summer party with my family and my husbands family. Well we have two boys and another boy on the way. Everyone was playing football while the food was cooking and My oldest son who is 6 decided to tackle and punch and kick my youngest son who is 4. I was sitting down talking to my mother in law and I all of a sudden hear crying and my husband said “omg Elijah get over here now” my Husband takes inside to deal with him and my youngest, Nate, who now has a bloody nose is still crying and I’m trying to calm him down. While everyone is paying attention to him the patties for the burgers are burning so we have nothing to eat!! Yay 🙄 so this is how our day went! Yay lol we eventually went to the beach and had a picnic, and ate turkey and cheese sandwiches with chips since we didn’t have any burgers. Lol hope y’all enjoyed hearing about how today has been 😂