Relationship comments

B • Wanderlust 💫🌍 22

Hey guys, I just realized something and wanted to share and ask your opinion on this. I’ve been seeing too harsh comments on some posts. Like some girls are having an issue in their relationship, which I don’t think we can fully understand the whole situation without being in it, but everyone seems to comment things like “oh he’s a loser, break up with him. Get away from him immediately, I’d leave him if I were you” etc.

I know in some cases these are very true, especially like cheating or abusing kind of stuff but I feel like we are being unfair sometimes. It’s okay to share our opinion and this is the purpose of this app but some situations are very unique and some relationships are deeper than what we see here. So even though someone complains about something, I feel like we should be more considerate when commenting things like “oh break up with him now”. Because some people are easily affected by others’ opinion and in some cases, we might be damaging relationships.

I’m repeating this: of course not in every situation, but I just think sometimes we should be careful!