This has to be said sorry

Ok so this app is supposed to uplift each other right. So as tough as it is seeing negative tests or having line eyes to clearly a negative test. Why do people try to get others hopes up knowing their tests are negative? I know in my own opinion if my test is negative say negative not "oh I think I see something" knowing you don't. False hope is heartbreaking. I see so many posts in the faint line no bfp group with the oh your pregnant knowing it's an indent line. Everyone here knows blue dyes are horrible and leave that dumb line in the back. Idk why but all the test do that. Its done it to me so I stopped buying them. I love to give a helping extra set of eyes because I want to see everyone pregnant but I will not tell you a lie just cuz you want to hear it. If its there and I see it faint or vvvfl I will say yes if not I say no keep testing. Baby dust to all and stop lying to these women better to tell the truth and say jeep the Faith it will happen then to purposely lie.