Not sure about him

Alright so there’s this boy that I’ve been talking to a lotttt recently and for the past two weeks I’ve practically seen him everyday and we text 24/7. I met him at a party and we made out lmao and since that we have 5 times and he always holds my hands and puts his arms around me when we’re together. The problem is both my best friends hate him for reasons I don’t know and I’m kinda worried about it like from what I’ve seen and experienced he’s a really sweet guy but everyone I know doesn’t like him. I am a pretty popular gal and he’s kinda irrelevant so that might be why my friends don’t like him but idk. He asked me to go to the rodeo with him this weekend and even for me to camp with him but honestly I think he just thinks of me as a friend cause he talks to a lot of girls. What do y’all think


I don’t think he’s irrelevant at all cause ofc hes relevant to me cause I like him but my other popular friends think he is. Again, I disagree.