Should I leave a part time job with benefits for a more flexible job while in school?

So I’m entering nursing school in the Fall. I currently work 24 hrs a week at an insurance company. My boss agreed to let me work from 2-8 PM on MWF’s once the semester starts. That means on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I would be leaving the house at 7AM and returning home at 8PM. I wouldn’t see my two little girls (3 YO and 1 YO) all day three days a week. Idk if I should agree to stay or find a part time job like, CVS or Walgreens to work on the weekends instead. My job is very stressful, there’s a lot of strict rules and guidelines I have to make sure to follow while handling applications. Even though I only work part time I still have pretty good benefits like, paid holidays off,lots of PTO, and STD. I understand that places like CVS or a nursing home would not give me those benefits as a part time worker.

Nursing school is going to be tough, but we have a lot of support. I just want to make sure the girls do not feel neglected by their mom. I would like to only work about 5hrs a day on the days that I don’t have class. Any advice?

P.S. I’m sorry if this is hard to follow, I’m typing this with a sleeping 1YO in my arms.