Why me... twice

Michelle 🇬🇧

I lost my precious baby boy at 17 wks in December. I would have had him now, a few days old gorgeous little bundle in my arms. But no he died, just like our other baby boy at 25 wks 3 yrs ago died. We’ve since found out my fiancé probably has a defect in his genes. So we won’t be having any more and I’ve gone back on the pill. We have one living boy who is 26mths and will have to put our energy and love into him... I feel really angry right now, there’s a few girls in my family/friends who are all gliding along having easy pregnancies with no issues as I sit and mourn my second dead son 😭 he was due on June 9th but I was to be induced early. I just wanted to vent 😔😔😔😔 I’m feeling lost