Induced at 39 weeks, no pain medication.


When I told each doctor that I wanted a natural birth, each one smiled apologetically and said: “you’re definitely going to have a c-section”. Well, I proved them all wrong.

My parents live overseas, and given that it was my first baby, my doctor-mom thought that I would carry my baby past 40 weeks, so she booked her tickets on my due date.

The doctor said he’ll see me again at 39 weeks, and we will then discuss our birth plan, and the possibility of induction. I didn’t think much of it.

My 39 week appointment came, 3 days after I decided I wanted to take an early maternity leave — I just wanted one full week to rest before my sweet baby boy was going to come. I was expecting the doctor to say he’ll see me again next week when I go into labour naturally. Wishful thinking hey?

So, at 12:30 pm on February 6, when I was 39 weeks pregnant, I was surprised to find out I was 2 cm dilated, with a “favorable cervix”. Okay whatever that means. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

My doctor said he has good news and bad news. Good news: we can get induced tomorrow morning. Bad news: he doesn’t think I’ll be able to manage the pain because of how I screamed when he did my (first) internal.

Guys, it was DAMN painful. I hadn’t had anything up there in weeks, and he just rammed his fingers in there without a decent warning, I justify my scream lol.

I insisted that I’ll be able to manage the pain, but couldn’t we wait until next week when my mom was around? He said no because my baby was already 3.1 kg, and he would just be getting bigger, making it harder for me to push him out.

So I had a decision to make: get induced with a high liklihood of having a natural birth, or wait with an increased chance of having a c-section.

I cried, because

- I didn’t get a full week of maternity leave 😂

- my mom wasn’t going to be there

- I wasn’t ready to be a mom just yet

- this was so unexpected

- I was so hormonal

- what the hell we’re having a baby?!

So I asked the doctor about 3 more times if I can wait another week, and then about 10 minutes later and a few tears after, I confirmed that we’ll get induced.

I was admitted at 7 pm on February 6, and I received my first dose of oral misoprostol at 4 am on February 7. I was still 2 cm dilated, and I could feel pressure when I was contracting, but no pain. I couldn’t sleep after, because of my anxiety.

At 6 am I started rolling on the ball, and waking down a few flights of stairs. I did this until 7 am, when I received my next dose, and took a nap. I was 3 cm dilated.

I woke up again at 9 am, walked a bit and got my next dose at 10 am. I was still 3 cm dilated. My contractions were starting to get painful, and they were getting closer and closer. I started to walk around the hospital and do a few flights of stairs, but by now I was getting tired.

They gave me my next and last dose at 12 pm, and I was only four cm dilated 🙄. At this point, I told my hubby to go home, rest for a bit and come back by 2 because this is taking forever. He didn’t want to leave me alone because he had a feeling that I’d go into labour quickly. I told him that my granny would be there, and I’d just be going for a quick bath anyway.

My granny made herself at home, got some tea from the nurses’ lounge, feet up on my bed 😂, while I went to the labour room right at the opposite end of where my room was.

The nurses got me a towel, and a gown, and showed me the red buttons to push if I needed help in the bathroom.

I filled the bath up with some nice hot water, and I wasn’t shy to fill it full. I got in and omg my contractions started getting faster! And more painful!

I flopped myself belly first into the water to ease this contraction. It was a long one. I had about 3 seconds before another long one came. The pain was numbing. I couldn’t move my legs and I was submerged in a tub with hot water. If I lost control of my arms, I would have drowned. So, I used my feet to pull the plug and drain the water in the tub. The pain was bad, and I couldn’t get up. The water had already drained out of the tub.

I managed to pull myself out of the tub, but i was dizzy, and in a lot of pain. I sat on the toilet. I needed to poop. I had been constipated, and I didn’t want to poop on the labour bed. I tried pooping, but I was just getting more dizzy and I felt like I was going to fall face-forward. I pushed the red button.

I was butt naked, wet, dizzy, needing to poop and in so much pain. The nurses came to my rescue, but my damn 4-cm dilated modest self locked the door. Stupid.

I had to get off the toilet, and open it. Somehow I managed to, but I was so weak I couldn’t even hold my hands up. Imagine a rag doll. That was me. Limp, and lame.

The nurses came in and held me up, leading me back to the toilet seat. One of them wiped me down, and the other was holding me up, telling me not to push. They led me to the labouring bed, but I could barely walk. I was in so much pain, and that bath made my blood pressure so low, I kept blacking out.

I fell onto the bed belly first. They needed me to turn around to check my dilation, but I could. Not. Move. I told them to do what they needed to, but I was not going to manage to move by myself.

The nurses flopped me over. I was 7 cm dilated, and it was 12:20 pm. In 20 minutes I dilated 3 cm. They broke my water. It felt so nice and warm 🥰😂.

The rest of this is hazy. The nurse brought my phone to me from the bathroom, and they told me there was an old lady lying in my bed 😂😂. I told them to call her into the room with me because I needed someone in there until my hubby could come. I pulled out my phone, and I could barely see anything; I didn’t have contacts in, and I think my glasses were somewhere on the floor in the bathroom. Plus, I was so dizzy. I ended up WhatsApp calling my hubby saying I’m in labour, and I set the phone aside — didn’t even hang up 😂.

I asked for an epidural, but I was denied it because I was too far along. They told me I should’ve asked when I was 4 cm. Now how the hell was I supposed to know it would escalate that quickly!! I asked them for something, anything. The nurse then finally tried to get an IV in, but she chose to when I was having a horrible contraction. She’s over there asking me to make a fist, while I’m basically dying. How rude. I did yell at her 😂🙄 #sorrynotsorry. They didn’t end up giving me anything until after my stitches.

I remember my granny rubbing my back, I remember the nurses urging me to stand up to help with the pain, and me completely holding on to my husband because my legs couldn’t hols me up. I remember them quickly trying to change the sheets, and me falling back into the bed before they could finish.

I remember me asking my husband to give me water, then Gatorade, then water. I eventually couldn’t carry the bottle on my own, and i made him feed it to me. My husband later told me I drank 2 750 mL bottles of water, and 3 500 mL bottles of Gatorade. Girl was thirsty 😂😂.

I made it to 9.5 cm when I didn’t care anymore and I just started pushing. I didn’t think I would manage with the pain, the dizziness, and the lack of consciousness — I was in an out of it for most of my labour, but the energy I needed came out of nowhere.

I tore quite a bit, but the doctor ended up missing my birth. I remember feeling like I needed to poop, so I pushed a little. I felt so much relief. I was done pooping I thought, now I’m ready to give birth when I need to.

“Don’t stop pushing! His head was coming out” they’re all saying. Oh, you mean I wasn’t pooping? lol. I pushed and pushed, and then I blacked out. I woke up and my sweet little boy was on my belly. I looked at him, and he peed on me 😂. The nurses took him away to check his vitals and make him cry — he apparently wasn’t breathing, but I blacked out again.

I woke up again because I needed to deliver the placenta. I remember the doctor telling me to “cough twice”. I blacked out.

I woke up again because omg why is there this stabbing pain by my vagina! What the hell is happening! Doctor wtf?!! He was stitching me up without any anesthetic. It was DAMN PAINFUL. He stitched up right to my rectum, it was horrible! This pain was worse than what I remember from labour. The entire labour ward heard these screams because they were horror-movie shrieks.

Three more stitches, two more, one more. Boom. Passed out. They gave me dormicum apparently.

I woke up 2 hours later on a bed covered in blood and with this long pad placed over my vagina. I was so happy and loopy, that was such an amazing feeling. I’ll 100% do it all over again to feel high like that 😂. The nurses asked if I’d like to breastfeed my baby. So there I was, smiling like an idiot, with my beautiful baby. Breasts sticking out, potentially bleeding vag also sticking out, I didn’t care. I probably looked like crap, but I never felt more amazing.