What and how would you pay a part-time nanny? Details below.

I’m a single momma have a college-aged gal (background in child care and school for early s childhood Ed) who is going to watch the baby (and my dog haha) starting in January. Baby will be 3 months old and she will come 3 days a week for 6-8 hours each day with flexibility for her classes and for my workload. Some days I’ll work from home while she’s there and others will need to go in or travel but I will be home every night. Would you pay an hourly rate and pay daily? Hourly and pay weekly? Set weekly/monthly rate? She would prefer a set “salary” wage so she can plan and pay bills, which I’m totally understanding of, I’m just not sure what makes sense in this situation.

I’m in the Midwest but curious to know what rate you’d pay as well.

Thank you!

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