All my life since I was 13 years old have had severe acne. I've been on minocycline , doxy , azothrymocin , birth control , vitamins etc. I've used differen gel , benzoyl peroxide , aloe Vera , lush , proactive , cetaphil , Indian healing clay mask . Wash my face 2x. Moisturize 2x I have done everything and tried every single product out there. My face just keeps getting worse. I'm literally a catfish with makeup on and without. Never leave the house without foundation and no don't be one of those people that say it's due to foundation because when I was younger I didn't wear foundation , I started wearing foundation when I got severe acne

Im on doxy rn but it seems it isn't helping anymore. I need to go on accutane , literally my last resort. My acne has been worse then this , but it's slowly coming back ); It's all in lines also. I don't eat meat and haven't in over 5 years and I don't drink milk , and I rarely have dairy a lot.

I have such dry skin because of these medications but even after I moisturize I'm dry. Yes I have exfoliators. Yes I ice my face , yes I change my pillow sheets , yes I do everything you could possibly think of. Yes I don't buy makeup with oil in it. Yes I don't put it with my hands. Yes I clean my makeup brush EVERY SINGLE DAY!

17 years old , still with severe acne , it's slowly coming back and gonna get worse. My face is all bumpy it's gross. It got so bad I went to buy the most full coverage foundation at Sephora which is Marc jacobs and the lady managed to match me with ORANGE foundation after she said it literally matched my neck , so now I have to blend it in with my Milani because it's lighter. ( yes I will go back to get another shade when I can )

It sucks so bad , all I ever wanted is clear skin. I feel so ugly , wish I didn't have to wear makeup. I've tried everything and yet still I'm not on accutane. My

Mom has had severe acne and passed it down to me and my sister. My mom doesn't agree with me going on accutane but I'm so done , I want too and I need too. My skin has had ENOUGH , for years I've been waking up every morning trying to cover my face.

I have GAD now because of this , I stress so much. I can't stop stressing. Please if you have been on accutane , what has ur experience been like? Did it help? Get worse? Please don't also comment products that would help unless its for SEVERE DRY SKIN. Trust me I have tried everything and all the home remedies.

Any pills you guys have been on that cleared acne ? Birth control didn't help me but worse. Thanks.