saying the n-word / listening to music with the n-word

i always have this fight with my parents (we’re all white) about the n-word. i tell them they shouldn’t say it, because frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. i never say it, i try to encourage others not to aswell, but i cannot find a way to get my parents to not use it.

i was talking to my mom at dinner about how i didn’t like the music we were listening to, (country-rap) and she said “well i don’t like when you listen to music that says “n***** this, n***** that!” and continued to exclaim it, i said, without and attitude, like hey can’t you refrain from saying that, it’s not our word, and my parents started ganging up on me, because i was a “hypocrite” for listening to music that said the word, i told them it wasn’t the same, because *usually* it’s black people who sing/say it.

do you think it’s different?

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