I'm 39, but closer to 40 than my 30s. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years and seriously, dr visits & such, since this winter.

My husband's samples are healthy and strong. I have had blood work twice, an HSG, 1 round of clomid, and today;day 5 of my cycle; the tech said I either have a fibroid or a very early pregnancy.

I took another pregnancy test tonight just to double check. It's negative. 🥺 So I start ANOTHER round of clomid tonight at a higher dose.

What I'm getting at is has anyone had a fibroid and been able to conceive? My Mom said my grandmother had one with last pregnancy at age 41. Please tell me something good. Every month I am in absolute tears and heart ache!!!! I feel like this is just another blow. I'm desperately trying to stay positive!!