Single FTM!

At the beginning of the year I made a post about how my sons father was towards me when we were together. So many comments agreed he was passive aggressive and said to leave immediately. I eventually did so and I was so greatful for the help of other mommas.

About 5 months later I’m in love with my two month old baby boy but yeah, I get lonely. If there are any mommas out there who went through this or are going through this when did you know it was right to start dating again? My ex before the one I posted about (not my sons father) and I had been talking and we tried to date but ultimately it was too much for him, even without ever being around my son. I completely understand that. I’m not looking for someone to be his step dad or even be introduced to him yet, he’s just a baby. I just want to go on dates and be out when my sons father has him. So when did you know it was the right time?