I learned today that you cant save the world

I was sitting on my porch today around 9pm and i see a group of teenagers maybe 14-16 and they're calling an older women in her maybe late 40s the B word and running from one side of the street to another. I live in a mini highway so no matter the time theres always alot of cars. So I come off my porch to see whats going on and the lady tells me shes calling the police because they're trying to hit her, once she said that they all ran off and come back around. Now where i live sadly this happens alot so i start telling the boy y'all all have mothers would yall want some kids doing that to her. She's an older women just walk away. So once they left she starts telling me how she feels very lonely and i start talking to her and 5mins into our conversation she goes but let me tell you the truth they didn't do anything to me i asked them to walk me home and i pinched one of them. I'm like what 🤨🤔 so i told her it wasn't right you can't go around pinched other peoples kids. And shes like they called me a B and i asked her before or after you pinched them (not that it justified touching someone's child) and she goes before so i tell her hunny thats not ok you cant put your hands on someone child and she starts yelling me at. I was so shocked and confused. I'm now in bed and feel bad for even trying to help the women so i went back outside and found one of the kids and apologized for interfering and he was actually a really good kid but i could understand why at 930pm he was still outside alone. Anyways today i learned you can't save the world and i pray to god that my kids learn to walk away from a situation like that instead of entertaining it.