horrific cramping

My husband and I have been trying for 8 months to conceive. I have on the dot cycles so knowing schedules has never been a problem.

This month though, my period is 4 days late. Normally I’d be getting hopeful, but for the past 2 nights I have had HORRIFIC cramping. Waking up in the night nauseated from pain cramping.

I thought it could be gas pain or something as I’ve been TMI somewhat constipated lately (which is unusual, I usually have the opposite problem the night before it starts).

I keep thinking my period has started but whenever I check I just have thick, white, odourless discharge.

I don’t have a history of PCOS and pain like this hasn’t been a problem without birth control (I had really bad cramps on implanon but that stopped the second it was removed).

I have a doctors appointment next week but she isn’t available till then and other doctors I’ve seen haven’t been as caring as mine and I need a gentle touch as I have depression etc so jaded doctors who treat me like an idiot for hoping make me really messed up :(

I have been considering testing but I just know the second I do I will have the period to end all periods so I’ve been delaying it.

Should I be hoping? Or is this just a symptom of the reason why we haven’t been successful in 8 months >.< I’ve had testing done for STIs and hormones, deficiencies, thyroid etc and they haven’t found anything wrong yet so I just don’t know what the heckaroni is going on!