Strained a muscle?

Erin β€’

Okay ladies, I need advice. My husband and I went on vacation this past weekend for our second wedding anniversary. It was 4 days of hiking, great food, and lots of sex.

This was awesome because he works shift work, and I just started a regular job after working from home for 3 years, so things have been a little off. Plus we were only having sex like MAYBE once a week.

ANYWAY, so last night we started going at it again (6th time in 5 days) and I orgasmed pretty hard....but then, things started really hurting, husband told me I felt really tense, and I felt this awful, stabbing pain in my lower abdomen.

I was cramped up for no lie, at least an hour before falling asleep. Then today I've been super sore and still feel like I'm cramping.

Has anyone had this happen before or have any advice on how to make this pain stop? I'm dying y'all πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ