How to move on..

I broke up with my bf of 3 years today... my heart, soul, mind is on fire and shattered. How do you overcome this, how do you cope, how do you handle when they move on and be with someone else. It’s not that I wanted this, I wanted to be with him more than anything but he just never put me first and we stopped growing and building as a couple like a year or so in... we didn’t have some of the same beliefs and was in two different tracks in life. It was amazing at first. We have an apartment together but he went to our hometown for the summer and left me at the apartment 2 hrs away so he can work up there (were both in college, and I don’t get summer break so I couldn’t go up) it hurt they he didn’t try to even atleast find a job near our apartment and make the commitment to me and stay with me and build a life here. There is a lot of things that he said and done to me that took a play. But I’m second guessing myself that I made a mistake but then again I know I didn’t. I keep crying and looking at our apartment at every memory we had here. I want to die. I want to disappear. I wasn’t perfect in the relationship either but I felt like he did more damage than me. Every time I would cry he’d say “what ru crying ab now” or “always something”... he told me he regrets it now and is sorry but I feel like if he truly was and knew it hurt me when he said it he would have stopped, not when I tell him I’m leaving him. I need help and advice on how to get over this..