Retweeting half naked girls pics

How would you guys feel if you look at your SO’s Twitter and see retweet’s of girl’s pics in lingerie or showing their asses? A girl who is an aspiring Suicide Girl? Is that disrespectful to your relationship or no?

Claims she’s a friend from the music scene SO is in. Says he retweets the pics to show support

Edit: Sorry idk how to reply anonymously lol. But thanks for the support! I don’t have social media so I don’t really have a way to give a taste of his own medicine. Also, I just wanna add that I’m not necessarily jealous, I just feel disrespected. Porn (I watch it too) is usually actors, “real” people/“models” are different and it offends me and doesn’t make me feel good. Especially that he’s retweeting it for the world to see. Idk maybe I’m just looking for a fight :/

Edit: Holy shit guys, I’m trying to talk about it with him and he keeps being disrespectful! Walking away while I’m still talking, making jokes, tapping beats on the table, etc. Dude seriously knows how to push my buttons 😤