Pregnant??? Period?? Cervical cancer?


Hi! So, I’m freaking out a bit. I’m 11 days late for my period and have had about 12 consecutive months of regular period but have struggled with irregularity in the past.


About 6 months ago, I had a Pap smear come back irregular. I was immediately panicking but my doctors weren’t too concerned and said to wait 3-6 months and schedule another Pap smear.

I’m 21 years old and I have a partner of two and a half years and we’ve always used condoms. TMI- we start out with no condom (I know, pre ejaculation... not smart) and then he puts a condom on when he is near ejaculation. I’m not on the pill (can never remember to take it, doctors refused me the shot (which I wanted) because it causes bones to become frail).

I’ve never been this late for a period. This last Sunday I took two pregnancy test which both came back negative so I quit worrying and hoped that would ease my stress and help my period come.

Last night, I wiped and it was faint light brown. So, I was very happy and thought it was my period. I decided to sleep with a tampon in because my period is always very heavy in the beginning. I woke up this morning to only a tiny black blood clot and a tiny bit of brown discharge. That is completely not normal for me at all. Sorry if this is graphic- but it’s always super bloody and bright red. This stressed me out and when I wiped, after taking my tampon out- nothing. So I put another tampon in and continued my day. After about 8 hours, I took my tampon out and still only one black blood clot. I didn’t put a tampon in after this. I waited about four hours and before I got in the shower, I took a tampon and put it in and then immediately took it out so I could see if anything came out. It came out with a bunch of black clots and a little bit of brown blood. I was super confused because I’ve never had black blood like that at all.

This past week I have felt as if I started my period, super crampy and bloated but no period.

I read black blood can be normal but also have read it can mean in serious cases- cervical cancer.

So, basically- I just want to know what other people have gone through. Is this normal? Am I pregnant? WHAT THE HECK DO I DO. Lol, thank you in advance!